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Coach Sonia has completely shifted, pivoted and transformed my life. I have a grand vision for myself and my life but her vision for me is GRANDER!!! When I refer to Sonia, I refer to her as my secret weapon. To begin to explain what she means to me and how she has helped accelerate my life in every dimension would take a day. Her unending faith in me has allowed me to reach for the stars, literally.


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Weekly Challenge:

Kick-start your week with a challenge inspired by Sonia's experiences, designed to spark your creativity and productivity.

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Access a weekly nugget of wisdom or a transformative habit from Sonia, linked directly to the challenge to enhance your personal and professional growth.

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Be inspired by the stories of transformation and success within our Tribe, highlighting the impact of Sonia's coaching.

Coach Sonia Universe:

Stay updated on the latest events, courses, and exclusive experiences from Coach Sonia.

Giveaway of the Week:

Engage with us on Instagram and seize the opportunity to win exciting prizes, enhancing your journey with our community.

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