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Coach Sonia is among North America’s top Business and Life coaches. She is an international speaker, entrepreneur and a powerhouse when it comes to helping others unlock their mind and potential. Sonia’s coaching method is one that she follows rigorously where she takes on a 360 approach to life: from mindset, to body, to relationships and to business. A true life empowering method that allows her Tribe to achieve what is available to them. Her business strategy is a recipe for success matched with magnetic energy and tools to create mind and body synchronicity. Personal Branding might as well be her middle name as she has mastered for herself and her clients the ultimate blueprint to establishing your X-Factor, growing your community, and converting your audience! Coach Sonia is on the rise with no limit ahead, having achieved great success in Canada and the United States, she has now entered the European and International market by storm with an expanding community. Buckle up, she’s a wild tornado that will transport you to where you NEED to be!

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Plan Your Year, Achieve Your Goals

Embark on a transformative journey where your ambitions take center stage. With a tailored yearly roadmap, we'll set clear, achievable milestones, ensuring every step is a stride toward your aspirations. Let's turn your goals from visions into reality, one milestone at a time.

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Elevate Your Personal Brand on Social Media

In the digital age, your personal brand is your herald. Together, we'll sculpt your online presence, refining and amplifying your voice across platforms. Whether you're building from scratch or scaling new heights, your brand will resonate, engage, and grow with your audience.

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Launch or Scale Your Online Program

Transform your expertise into impact with an online program that resonates and sells. From conceptualization to execution, we'll navigate the digital landscape, ensuring your program not only launches but thrives. Elevate your knowledge into a beacon for learners and scale your reach beyond horizons.

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Sonia has an uncanny ability to pinpoint exactly what's holding you back. Her approach blends sincerity, wit, and profound insight. My journey with her through challenging times has led to a professional worlds. Sonia helped me identify how my personal challenges were intertwining with my spirit, guiding me to develop and adopt a new strategic framework.
Martin Latulippe
Sonia's deep understanding of human psychology sets her apart as a coach, business mentor, and personal branding expert who is tough to match. Moreover, her ability to juggle multiple roles in various languages broadens the spectrum of solutions she can providel needs precisely. She thinks quickly, and the person you need if you're committed to achieving your goals.
Mavic bright
Personal branding is imperative for entrepreneurs, and nobody understands this better than Sonia. I always knew how important it was to create content, but I always feared social media. After working with Sonia, a new joy in connecting with my community online. No matter what stage you're at, her dynamism and expertise will accelerate your journey.
Paul Pyronnet
Sonia possesses an innate talent for executing a launch. She knows exactly how to elevate you and your team to the highest level of performance. Her unique ability to understand your strengths and improve your weaknesses makes her special. Sonia is extraordinary at helping you improve your personal brand, your relationships, your health, and your business.
Sophie Chague

Coach Sonia has completely shifted, pivoted and transformed my life. I have a grand vision for myself and my life but her vision for me is GRANDER!!! When I refer to Sonia, I refer to her as my secret weapon. To begin to explain what she means to me and how she has helped accelerate my life in every dimension would take a day. Her unending faith in me has allowed me to reach for the stars, literally.
Sonia understands how to get to the heart of what is blocking you; with honesty, humour, and the knowledge to back it up. Having worked with Sonia through some of my darkest moments, I have successfully recalibrated my life and business. Sonia recognized the issues that were giving me pause in my personal life, were also giving me pause as an entrepreneur. We developed and implemented a new blueprint.
Hi Sonia, we just finished our 30 day mindset course and I’m absolutely grateful that I joined. Thank you for that little kick in the ass! It took me almost 2 years to actually join one of your courses and this was the perfect one to start! I feel I have a lot of tools now that I need to implement. I’ve started with a few and celebrated the very small wins. I have a lot to work on and that I think is my goal. To clear and reset!

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Join 50,000+ entrepreneurs, coaches, and creators, and access advice, techniques, and tools for building a business and a life that you love living!

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