Welcome to Coach Sonia Book Launch Squad

Hi there! Thank you so much for being interested in joining my Launch Squad! By being a part of it, you will greatly increase the chances of the book finding as big an audience as possible and can literally make the difference between a book that no one hears about and a bestseller. 

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Get early access to my book and you can help by reading the book and submitting a review on Amazon!

Reviews don’t need to be long, detailed or professionally written. All that matters is that you purchase the ebook for 99 cents once it's available on Amazon and then write SOMETHING. (My publisher will be explaining to you when it’s time to do that.) If you can only read part of the book, that’s okay. If you want your review to just talk about me as a person, that’s also okay. If you want guidance on what to write, the Launch Pad team can help. I just need help with this and whatever you can do will be so greatly appreciated.

We carefully review all submissions but the quality we're most seeking is one that can't show on any application: people who will follow through. And so I ask that if you're selected, you do come through with a review. Once your submission is reviewed, you'll receive an email with next steps. 



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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